Thursday, 12 March 2015

Under the Sea Baby Quilt

We knew a little person was expected across the road from us on the 18th February as our neighbour was booked in to have the baby by C-Section.  I had planned to make a quilt for this baby and as Amanda got larger and larger I kept on thinking well I better start soon!  On the 12th February I finally got into gear!  I decided to make a modern chevron based pattern I'd seen in Love Patchwork & Quilting (issue 4) by Manda McGrory.  I thought the mustard & grey she used were gorgeous but having left it until the last minute I delved into my own fabrics.
I chose a navy fabric and a blue/green batik and got going.

First look at blocks

  I had said from the beginning of the pregnancy that I thought the baby was going to be a boy but having committed to traditionally masculine colours I started to worry & thus a gender neutral themed quilt was born - Under the Sea.  I figured that the chevrons could look like waves...and if this baby was going to be inconveniently female we would just add a few pink fish at the end! 

Once the quilt top was assembled I started to rough edge applique some fish/seaweed/urchins etc onto it.  I really wished at this point I'd started earlier as I was tempted to keep going and going, I think it's definitely inspired me for future baby quilts!

Halfway through

The orange fish in above picture never made it to the final quilt but at this stage I had more pressing problems afoot - the baby had arrived and was a beautiful baby boy - Theodore Geoffrey John. When my two boys were born I'd received framed cross-stitch pictures with their details on and I loved them so much that decided to embroider Theo's onto the quilt.  For once I prepared and BOUGHT AN EMBROIDERY HOOP, I know, anyone would think I was learning from my mistakes.  

The Hoop in action

Once his name, date of birth and birth weight were embroidered I faffed about a bit with three blue fish I'd added in the seaweed and then fixed the fluffy blue backing.  The instructions were brilliant and I found the pattern easy to follow.  Below you can see the finished present, it's currently in the washing machine and will be given to Theo tomorrow - I hope he likes it and if he becomes a Marine Biologist I hope to take a little of the credit.

'Under the Sea' for Theo



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