Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The best kind of post!

My two year old had his birthday recently so was eager to open the package I received yesterday, I think he thinks all parcels are for him and was most disgruntled to be told 'No' this was Mummy's parcel!

After hours and hours browsing I decided to treat myself to a fabric pack of fat quarters.  The aim is to make a lap quilt for cosy film watching on the sofa this autumn and winter.  I want it to have a modern feel and I want it to reflect the rest of the living room which is a mix of contemporary and classic with the main colours being a dirty lime (sofas) and cream and light grey (walls & other bits and bobs).

SO.....this is what I've chosen;

Emily Herrick's Rustique Fat Quarter Fabric Pack

...and now I have to do something with it!  I think this has to be one of the hardest bits of quilting when you actually have to make the leap into a project.  Maybe one day I will buy a ready to quilt pack but not being quite sure whether something will work or not has to be more exciting.  I spent last night going through quilting magazines and rounded it down to four designs.

The quilt design I'm going to go with is one that was featured in Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts in the Spring 2014 issue.  The quilt is designed and made by Corey Yoder (who blogs as and in the magazine is called 'Gray Square Scramble'. 

Now the challenge is on to see if I can find time everyday to get this quilt going - I'd love to be able to watch a film under it by the start of advent or at least be kept warm by sitting under the sandwiched layers hand quilting it by then!  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.......

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