Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Welcome to Captain's Quilts where I will seek to catalogue work I have completed, keep track and on top of current projects and plan for future patchwork and quilting.  I am inspired by travels, life and nature and love experimenting with colour.  
Over the last seven or so years I have rekindled a love for the crafts I was never confident enough to try at school, thanks in no small part to my Mother in Law who is a fantastic quilter.  Like most quilters I hoard fabric and take over any small part of the house allowed for my stash.  

Hopefully blogging my progress and ideas may be somewhat motivational, as a full time Mum to two little boys (Elias 2 years and Caspar 7.5 months), the temptation to sink into the sofa in a spare half an hour and watch television and eat chocolate is ever present.

I aim to post weekly and not stick to my comfort zone but try new techniques and styles.  SO WATCH THIS SPACE!!

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